♔ Gay 23 year old Singaporean. ONWARD GAY RIGHTS
I do not love exercising. In my free time,I write, watch sitcoms, watch Gay porn(sometimes), eat, sleep and Tumblr. I hate clubbing and have a distinct abhorrence for the gay night scene. I don't smoke or do drugs. Repect the T in LGBT. I love Madonna. I love kissing and cuddling. Cupcake = Porn. Dogs>Cats.

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  1. "If you listen to many rap lyrics they promote hate and gay-bashing. It is an environment where the thug and gangster mentality is prevalent. Artists boast of a hyper-masculine bravado, with their crotch-grabbing, degradation of women, and their braggadocios lyrical slaying about the number of women they’ve slept with and children they’ve produced"

     - Terrence Dean -former MTV producer and hip-hop expert

    (Source: homopride)

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